Cadets Connect!

The Cadets of FL-051 connect on Saturdays, and sometimes for a full weekend. Just about anytime we are together other than our Monday night meeting, we call it Cadets Connect. It is all about fun, and learning, and more fun. Our first Cadets Connectbegan with a tour of the Punta Gorda Airport Tower, then some classroom ground training, ending with lunch at the airport cafe,  

    A recent Cadets Connect was an Aerospace Day, we were building and launching "junk rockets."  Building an indoor airstrip and making a precision landing ~ indoors, more fun than a simulator! 

    A private tour of the Military History Museum was great, we had so many questions, and  there were many, many more answers.

Right now we are working continuously with the Wreaths Across America program. 
Contact our office to put a Wreath on the grave of a Veteran for the holiday season. Each wreath is $15.00
There will be more info on this page as the CADETS CONNECT, but in the meantime ~ just come and experience all of this yourself. Become a part of the Cadets of 051!!