Flight and College Scholarships:
 Aviation is prohibitively expensive for most youth. In partnership with charitable organizations and colleges, CAP helps cadets pursue flight training and/or post-secondary education through scholarships. Nearly $300,000 is available annually.

Air Force Career Explorations: Air Force leaders introduce cadets to career opportunities during weeklong familiarization courses each summer. Cadets experience firsthand the exciting aspects of a career that interests them. For example:

• Instructor pilots show cadets what it takes to fly Air Force jets.

• Space systems operators explain how they launch satellites into orbit.

• Para rescue men train cadets in land navigation and wilderness skills.

• Meteorologists teach cadets how to analyze weather patterns and spot storms.

High-Technology Career Explorations:

In partnership with leading universities and businesses, cadets experience fast-growing, technology intensive aerospace fields. Career explorations take place at week-long academies each summer that often include significant time inside engineering and computer labs. For example:

  • Engineers show cadets how to design, build and test airfoils using space-age composite materials.
  • Computer scientists teach cadets how to take aerial photos and use software to track satellites.
  • Aerospace technicians explain how they manufacture, assemble and maintain aircraft.

Over 1,200 cadets participate in over 30 national cadet special activities each summer. National CAP provides about $420,000