Professional Development

Professional Development is the program whereby CAP develops its own leaders. It has five levels of progression, each ending with an award. That award, plus the specified time in grade, qualifies a member for promotion. The program operates parallel to specialties that a member picks as their method of contribution to the total CAP effort.

New members are required to complete Level I training before engaging in other activities. The last step in Level I is selection of a Specialty Track. This can be changed or added to later as the member gets involved in the Squadron's activities. The Specialty Track is usually the primary activity but most members have crossover activities. The new member will start training, either formal or on-the-job, in his/her Track and at the same time engage in whatever other activities they choose. See complete details in CAPR 50-17

Links to professional development training:
Level I
Level II
Level III
Level IV
Level V

If you have any questions please contact your Professional Development Officer. Check out the special New Member guide at CAP HQ:

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Many new members want to fly in CAP's airplane as an Observer. 
Here is the most direct route showing parallel Professional Development and Specialty Track training:

Professional Development Progression

Specialty Track Progression

1. Go to - read instructions

Attend Squadron meetings

2. Complete Foundation course and quizzes

CAP ID assigned

3. Complete CPPT and pre-test

Learn CAP computer system

5. Complete OPSEC

Learn access to building & equip.

5. Complete EO

Review Study Guide for Track

6. Complete Introduction to CAP Safety


7. Meet with Commander and Mentor - select Track


8. Membership Ribbon


Level I is complete

Complete Test 116


Complete Test 117 pts. 1,2,3


Print Cert. w/copy for ESO


Print 101 Card w/GES rating shown


Complete SQTR for Scanner


Enter data in MIMS


Print new 101 Card w/GES,MS ratings


Complete SQTR for Observer


Enter data in MIMS


Print new 101 Card w/GES,MS,MO ratings



9. Promotion to 2d Lt after 6 months as SM

Tech rating in any Specialty Track

10. Promotion to 1st Lt after 12 months as 2d Lt.

Continue OJT in chosen Track 
with staff officer or mentor

11. Enroll in SLS


12. Complete OBC


13. Davis Award - Level II Complete


14. Promotion to Capt. after 18 months as 1st Lt.


15. Enroll in CLC

Senior rating in a Track

16. Attend two conferences


17. Loening Award - Level III complete


18. Promotion to Major after 3 years as Capt.


19. Attend RSC or complete substitute


20. Serve as staff member

Master rating in a Track

21. Presentation or Yeager Award


22. Garber Award - Level IV complete


23. Promotion to Lt Col. after 4 years as Major


See complete details in CAPR 50-17