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At the recent Civil Air Patrol Florida Wing Conference, attended by 500 of 4200 members, held in Orlando, the Charlotte County Composite Squadron was the star of the Awards Banquet. Again, the Composite Squadron of the Year Award was given to Charlotte County FL -051. Their total body of work ranked highest out of 55 Composite Squadrons in the Wing. "Composite" means they have both cadet and senior members. Charlotte County has 69 cadet members and 95 senior - total 164

Awards night in Orlando will long be remembered by these recipients and the squadrons they represent. We are gratified that our hard work and volunteer dedication to our "Performing Missions for America" was recognized with these awards and commendations.

Major Jim Kaletta was the recipient of the Composite Squadron Commander of the Year Award based on his involvement in USAF missions, general flying, cadet training and overall participation. Incidentally, Major Kaletta also was named the Wing Member of the Year based on total qualifications, time devoted to the Squadron, Group and Wing and general management functions.

Squadron member, Captain Bob Little, received the Exceptional Service Award based on his weeks of participation in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response Mission with state and federal authorities. His work with all other USAF missions within the state added to his credentials.

Cadet Lt Col Serena Wedlake accepted the Meritorious Service Award for her continued involvement and presence at the squadron and her close work with the Group, Wing and Region at the national level.

Four cadets in Group 5, of which we are a member, received Lifesaving Certificates for saving the lives of 2 elderly senior citizens in separate incidents along the highway. These were Cadet Lt Col Casey Jago, Cadet TSgt Owen Jago, Cadet Airman lst Class Richard Crews and Cadet 2nd Lt Johnathan Fischer, all of Squadron FL - 044. Jonathan flies out of our squadron and is within a few days of receiving his Private Pilot Certificate. The training in first aid and CPR that the cadets received in CAP aided greatly in their ability to save these lives.